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The good Cornellians can do: Linda (Edelman) Bradley ’84

Linda (Edelman) Bradley ’84 (center in purple shirt) and Poppyseed Project volunteers rescue end-day bagels and deliver them to local food pantries.

Nearly two years ago, Linda (Edelman) Bradley ’84 founded the Poppyseed Project—an effort to rescue end-of-day bagels from the landfill and donate them to hungry neighbors.

Living in a bagel-rich community in northern New Jersey, Linda realized that local bagel shops needed help to rescue their unsold bagels at the end of the day. She organized a volunteer initiative to collect these bagels and deliver them to local food pantries. She has since teamed up with the Table to Table I-Rescue app to connect volunteer pick-ups and deliveries.

“Bagels bring smiles to adults and kids alike and we feel great about helping achieve that!,” Linda says.

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