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The good Cornellians can do: Greg Plank ’68 (and his dog Dolly)

Greg Plank ’68 with his dog Dolly

As a lifelong animal lover, Greg Plank ’68 knows firsthand how pets offer their humans companionship and love. To share this special bond with seniors, Greg brings his dog Dolly to visit assisted living facilities.

When Greg adopted Dolly from a rescue shelter, she was two years old and hadn't spent much time around people. To help socialize Dolly, he signed her up with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs. Since then, Greg and Dolly have made more than 200 visits to senior and memory care facilities, where she has brought smiles to the faces of thousands of residents.

“Many cannot remember her name, but it makes them recall their dog when they were a child,” he says. “Some just sit and pet her with a smile on their face. Some just sit and watch her with a kind loving look. Each visit is special and touching.”

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