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Takeways from the 2024 Hatfield Lecture: “Always be curious.”

In the 2024 Hatfield Lecture on Thursday, May 2, 2024, Samsara co-founder and CTO John Bicket '02 and Cornell University President Martha E. Pollack discussed how technology is transforming the world of physical operations and global infrastructure.

"Always be curious," John said. "I’m always super curious about what’s going on in the world, and I think that’s something I ended up pushing myself to develop over time."

After his conversation with President Pollack, John answered questions from the audience and had additional advice for choosing projects for research.

One tactic, he suggested, was to find one or two things that you’re interested in and extrapolate between the two—like exploring the intersection between CS and biology.

Another method is "picking any area that you’re deeply passionate about, and don’t mind toiling on it for a year."

"When that research project doesn’t pan out, but you’re still willing to start over again," John said, "that’s a pretty good signal that you’re on to something for yourself."

View the recording of the 2024 Hatfield Lecture.