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The good Cornellians can do: Shane Dunn ’07

Shane Dunn '07

"Throughout my post-Cornell life, I have spent a lot of time volunteering for Cornell—and other organizations!" says Shane Dunn '07. "Volunteering as an alumni leader with Cornell was deeply meaningful to me. I met wonderful people across generations, learned and utilized new skills, and learned more about our university."

Shane is also active with civic organizations in the Boston area, including serving on the board of directors for GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders (GLAD) since 2014. He currently serves as president of the board.

"GLAD is well-known nationally for leading the way on securing marriage equality for same-sex couples—first in Massachusetts, and then across the country, through the Obergefell decision at the Supreme Court in 2015," Shane says. "As a cisgender, straight, white man, I am incredibly humbled by the opportunity to serve on the board and listen to and learn from many folks in the LGBTQ+ community who need more allies and champions to help advance this crucial work."

Shane credits his time at Cornell, particularly the David M. Einhorn Center for Community Engagement (previously the Cornell Public Service Center), with growing his interest in social justice and civic engagement.

"I'm grateful to Cornell for exposing me to so many opportunities, ideas, and people that have helped me figure out how to give back in meaningful ways with multiple nonprofits—especially GLAD," he says.

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