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Scholarship fund grows to help more A&S students

Students walking through the Arts Quad

Read the full story by Kathy Hovis for A&S Communications.

An expanded scholarship fund will support undergraduates with financial need in the College of Arts & Sciences.

The Todd L. Kiplinger '68 Scholarship was established 13 years ago and has supported nine students, including some students for multiple years of their college experience. A new bequest from Todd Kiplinger’s estate will allow the scholarship to expand to support either a greater number of students or students who have greater financial needs.

"A multi-generational Cornell family, the Kiplingers have always stood for excellence in information and education,” said Michelle Smith, senior associate dean for undergraduate education in the College and the Ann S. Bowers Professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. “Todd Kiplinger's most recent gift ensures that students in the College of Arts & Sciences have access to an unparalleled-yet-affordable education. By supporting an endowed scholarship fund, his generosity and his legacy will live on."