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Reunion with family: The next generation of Cornellians

Many alumni enjoyed attending Reunion with the whole Big Red family, bringing children to campus for a weekend to remember.

“All the things that we’ve done, we’ve done as a family,” said Nicole Manning Hart ’03, enjoying Fun in the Sun on the Arts Quad with her husband Phil Hart ’03, and her children Emmett, 9, and Owen, 7.

As an undergraduate, Hart attended Reunion several times as a Reunion clerk and head clerk. Now celebrating her 20th Reunion, she has been to every milestone Reunion since she graduated. Her children even have memories from her 15th Reunion: attending a Chimes concert, and visiting the Dairy Bar.

Andrew Yong ’03 attended Reunion for the first time with his wife and two children.

“It was incredible bringing my kids back up [here]. I never envisioned as an undergrad walking around that I’d be holding the hands of my kids strolling through campus, so it’s a real treat,” he said.

Daniel Mak ’04 also returned to Reunion for the first time with his wife Janina Mak ’03, and their son and daughter.

“One of our friends—their kids were asking ‘Are all college campuses like this?’ And you know, obviously, the answer is ‘No.’ Nothing is quite as expansive or gorgeous,” Mak said. "My son doesn't quite understand yet why 'Ithaca is gorges.'"