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Meeting the swim requirement

Alejandro Cuellar ’24 and Sayo Ajagbe ’24

Sayo Ajagbe ’24 stood on the edge of the Helen Newman pool ready to jump into the deep end and attempt the swim requirement for the second time that day. He looked over at his close friend Alejandro Cuellar ’24 who had supported, coached, and encouraged him all day. They locked eyes in a look of understanding - this is what we’ve been practicing for. This. Is. It.

An admittedly mentally and physically exhausted Sayo took a deep breath and jumped in.

“Something in my brain just clicked,” Sayo said. “I was like, this has to happen right now.”

Read the full story by Stephen D'Angelo to find out how Sayo and Alejandro's friendship and perseverance helped them tackle the swim requirement together.