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Jessica Chen Weiss is informing our understanding of China

Jessica Chen Weiss, the Michael J. Zak Professor for China and Asia-Pacific Studies

Jessica Chen Weiss is often asked to share her deep knowledge of China with stakeholders at the highest echelons of the public and private sectors—including government, business, the media, and academia.

Weiss, who is the Michael J. Zak Professor for China and Asia-Pacific Studies, came to Cornell in 2015. She teaches international relations and Chinese politics and foreign policy in the Government Department and Levinson China and Asia-Pacific Studies program (which she also directs).

As relations between the United States and China have deteriorated over the past few years, Weiss has been called upon to provide expert testimony to the House Intelligence Committee and for the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific. She has helped brief the US Indo-Pacific Command, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center at the Pentagon, the Academy for Defense Intelligence and Joint Military Intelligence Training Center, and members of Congress and their staff.

“It has been an honor to contribute my expertise, in the hopes that a more accurate understanding of China will reduce the risk of an all-out confrontation,” she observes.