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The good Cornellians can do: Courtney Armbruster ’99

Courtney Armbruster '99

Courtney Armbruster '99 has been volunteering with the Central New York Cat Coalition for over 15 years—including serving as president for nearly nine years, and vice president of the organization since 2023. In addition to rescuing homeless cats and adopting them into their forever homes, the organization offers a spay and neuter program for the community.

"Cats in my care come from all kinds of backgrounds, including strays, surrenders, and abandoned pets," she says. "We help animals with serious medical conditions like ruptured eyes, dental disease, broken bones, and more, and it can be a real challenge."

Courtney personally fosters nearly 100 cats each year, volunteers at the organization's adoption center, and more. "The supply of animals needing help never ends," she says. "It's a ton of work, but so incredibly rewarding!"

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