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Expanding the reach of the Gayogohó:nǫˀ language

A student writes Gayogohó:nǫˀ language on a blackboard

Read the full story by Kathy Hovis in the Cornell Chronicle.

Several grants are helping expand Gayogohó:nǫˀ language programs and projects at Cornell.

“What seems most important now is to reach out to Gayogohó:nǫˀ people involved in reclaiming this critically endangered language,” John Whitman, professor of linguistics in the College of Arts and Sciences, told the Cornell Chronicle.

New initiatives were spearheaded on campus by the American Indian & Indigenous Studies Program (AIISP) and faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. These efforts build on the efforts that established the Gayogohó:nǫˀ Learning Project (GLP).