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Endowment strengthens museum’s K-12 outreach

Carol Hockett and children

Read the full story by Leslie Sellers and Anna Stratton in the Cornell Chronicle.

A new endowment for the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art will enhance its K-12 outreach program, which reaches thousands of school children every year – including those from rural areas who would not otherwise have access to a world-class museum.

Moira Hintsa ’74, her husband Mark Hintsa, and their sons Matt ’10 and Mikey ’15 recently endowed the Hintsa Family Manager of School and Family Programs at the Johnson Museum.

The inaugural Hintsa Family Manager, Carol Hockett, has coordinated the museum’s school and family program since 2004. “For many young children, the Johnson is their first experience of art from another culture and their first visit to a college campus,” she said. “The impact of the museum experience is long-lasting and significant, with older students often remembering their first visit many years later. Kids never forget the joy of discovery – whether of an ancient terra-cotta warrior or a contemporary light installation.”