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Dog Days of Summer

The Dog Days of Summer may be over, but when you have furry friends as part of your family, the adventures are never ending!

The Cornell Richard P. Riney Canine Health Center has a database of advice on animal health and behavior to help you keep your dogs happy and healthy all year round.

Canine Health Information

Learn more about canine health and behavior.

A closeup shot of a cute adorable sad-looking domestic Shih-poo type of dog indoors. Anxiety in dogs
An anxious dog is an unhappy dog. Learn how to help your dog cope with unsettling situations.
A selective focus shot of an adorable brown Weimaraner dogZoomies
Does your dog ever get a crazy look in their eyes, tuck their butt and take off running wild laps around your house or yard? Find out why it's totally normal for your dog to "get the zoomies."
the pug is resting on the natural parquet, tired mops dog lies on the floor, top viewObesity and weight management
Obesity, a rampant problem in dogs, stresses your dog's joints and overall health. But you can help them! Learn strategies to help your dog take off extra pounds.
Veterinarian taking care of pet dogPoisonous substances
If you think your dog has ingested something dangerous, call your veterinarian or local emergency veterinary clinic immediately. Here’s advice for what to do if you think your dog has consumed a poisonous substance.
Close up on veterinarian taking care of dogCanine distemper virus
Canine distemper virus (CDV) is a highly contagious and potentially fatal disease in dogs. Learn more about why vaccination is very effective at preventing CDV.
Pekingese puppy dog with stethoscope near his paws posingParvovirus transmission and treatment
Canine parvovirus is a highly contagious and dangerous virus that affects primarily young, unvaccinated dogs. Find out why vaccination is crucial to minimize the spread and exposure to our canine companions.