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Cornell University Autonomous Underwater Vehicle floats to victory in crowdfunding burst

In November 2023's crowdfunding burst, Cornell University Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (CUAUV) raised 144% of its $5,000 goal. CUAUV's final total of $7,218 will help the team develop new and innovative underwater robotic technology and attend competitions.

"CUAUV has shaped my Cornell experience in a way I could not have imagined when I joined during my freshman year," said Aaron Fink '24. "It has given me numerous fascinating technical projects to complement my coursework and some of my closest friends, as it does for so many of our members."

In addition to designing, building, and competing, CUAUV also hosts a variety of events with different organizations such as Code Red Robotics, BOOM Showcase, Science Olympiad, and more. CUAUV also routinely extends invitations to local youth groups to attend campus events. These events are designed to be both educational and enjoyable, and provide hands-on learning opportunities for over 100+ children in coding and technology.