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Longtime, loyal client leaves entire estate to Cornell University Hospital for Animals

Norman Nolan

Norman Nolan was well-known as a loyal client of Cornell University Hospital for Animals (CUHA). When he passed away at age 95 in April of 2021, he surprised many with his generosity, leaving all his remaining money and assets to the hospital and the patients it serves.

“Mr. Nolan’s generosity to staff, faculty, students and fellow clients during his lifetime can now be acknowledged more publicly and will provide critical help to others in need,” says Amy L. Robinson, director of client and family giving.

For many at CUHA, Nolan was a beloved and familiar visitor. While he often brought his many generations of dogs in for care, he would also drop by just because. “More often than not he would pick up candy or cookies and take it to the Vet School hospital where he and his dachshund Grendyl would deliver it to the people at the front desk,” says Dr. Carol Hardy, a longtime friend of Nolan and former senior lecturer in the Department of Biomedical Sciences. Nolan’s love for the hospital was such that he wanted to support it even after his death. “What he had left, he wanted to go to help the animals,” says Hardy. “He particularly wanted a fund to help those who couldn’t afford the services to have funds to pay for healing their animals.”

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