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Back to the Hill: a poem by Kent Sheng ’78

Back to the Hill
by Kent Sheng '78

(Written during 45th Reunion—June 2023)

Get me back to the Hill again.
For I have lots to do.
I'll climb Libe slope as in wintry days.
And re-greet the Gorge anew.

And set foot again in Barton Hall
where the Dead, they ruled one night.
And find my place on the Crescent heights
where Lacrosse showed all its might.

Get me back to the Hill again.
For my memories--they are afire.
Of beasts that buoyed my campus life,
and leaving lecture halls inspired!

There was the fish that flew onto Lynah Rink,
and the dragon that heralded Spring.
I discovered the solace for pre-lim woes
that the Thirsty Bear could bring.

And the messages of giants stay with me,
even after two-score years and five.
Bronfenbrenner, Sagan, LaFeber, and Rhodes--
keep learning's flame alive!

Yet--no more, the beloved Dust Bowl
where frisbees marked the time.
Gone too, the Nines, the Chapter House
...and that stump of multi-hue!

These places gone--but not forever lost
to these graying eyes,
for a wistful sigh and the tower's chime
will spring them into view.

Get me back to the Hill again.
For I've friends to meet and see.
We'll laugh about our antics past,
"It's you that aged, not me!"

"Catch me up on your story.
A career that spanned the range?
And I'll tell you about some serpentine twists
and what I've learned of change."

Let's walk the quad, no books in tow,
yes--sweet, those times gone by,
yet, write new chapters that begin today,
in our own stories as alumni.

So, get me back to Ezra's Hill.
To my Class of '78.
Hurry now! No time to waste.
We've much to celebrate!