Returning to The Hill without an official Reunion 2024 class or group? Celebrate with Big Red as part of Non-Reunion Year (NRY)! Registration with NRY will be fully online and available in early April alongside all other Reunion 2024 classes and groups. NRY registration will include the following:

  • Group Headquarters and optional, for-cost, on-campus housing in High Rise 5 (Coming Soon: See Campus housing rates and Campus housing FAQ on the Reunion Lodging page).
  • Optional, for-cost, university-hosted breakfasts on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  • Light refreshments available throughout Reunion weekend at NRY headquarters.
  • A university Reunion button, which provides access to all open, non-ticketed, university-sponsored events including the Arts Quad Tent Parties, Conversation with President Martha E. Pollack, Olin Lecture, as well as on-campus shuttle bus transportation.


Contact the Office of Alumni Affairs at