December 2022

The University recently learned of the passing of these Cornellians


’40—Robert L. Svoboda of Farmington Hills, MI, August 29, 2022; architect, businessman, business owner, and career church builder; founder, Donnadale Freedom Foundation, which provides tuition grants to support Catholic student education; avid golfer and accomplished artist; enjoyed international travel and Pinochle; active in religious affairs.

’42 BA—Beatrice Greenberg Brooks of Manhasset, NY, September 6, 2022; pediatrician; co-founding member, Temple Judea of Manhasset; active in community and religious affairs.

’43 BA—Gerald J. Aronson of Los Angeles, CA, March 19, 2022; psychiatrist; clinical instructor, Department of Psychiatry, UCLA School of Medicine; consultant psychiatrist, the RAND Corp. Social Science Division; active in alumni affairs. Sigma Alpha Mu.

’43 BS HE—Jean Hammersmith Wright of Shelburne, VT, September 2, 2022; school counselor, teacher, and homemaker; community volunteer; enjoyed international travel and the outdoors; active in cultural, humanitarian, political, and alumni affairs. Kappa Alpha Theta.

’44, BA ’45—Maurice P. Bellis of North Andover, MA, September 8, 2022; business executive and consultant in the chemical and petrochemical industries, American Cyanamid, Jefferson Chemical, Texaco, and CMAI; veteran; enjoyed international travel and writing his memoir; active in alumni affairs. Tau Kappa Epsilon.

’44 BME—Vincent P. DeMarco of Venice, FL, August 30, 2022; HVAC consultant to construction management firms Torcon Inc. and Lehrer McGovern Bovis Inc.; founder, Air Comfort Engineering Co., Bloomfield, NJ, HVAC installers in churches, offices, schools, and hospitals; mechanical engineer, Carrier Corp. and Trane Co.; veteran; active in alumni affairs.

’46, BME ’48—Norman Dawson Jr. of Asheville, NC, August 28, 2022; president, Resistance Corp., South Bend, IN, a wire and metal parts fabrication company; also held other metal fabrication industry positions in Wisconsin, Virginia, Georgia, and Tennessee; veteran; football official for the Big 10 and the Eastern Conference; champion tennis player; active in civic, professional, religious, and alumni affairs. Psi Upsilon. Wife, Marilyn King Dawson ’48.

’46, BA ’45—Hilda Spodheim Debacker of Charleston, SC, August 29, 2022; professor emerita of neuroanatomy, Medical University of South Carolina; philanthropist; active in community and alumni affairs.

’46 BA, MS ’48—Elizabeth A. Otten of Chula Vista, CA, July 29, 2022; teacher; volunteer, San Diego Opera; active in alumni affairs.

’47 BS HE—Carolyn Shaver Eisenmenger of Wayland, MA, formerly of Natick, MA, September 21, 2022; travel agent, Cerel Agency; homemaker; information specialist, Oregon State University and University of Maryland, College Park; advocate for civic involvement and good government; avid reader; enjoyed international travel, writing, gardening, birdwatching, cooking, sewing, knitting, and painting; active in community and alumni affairs.

’47 BS Ag—Gustav F. Papanek of Lexington, MA, September 20, 2022; professor emeritus and chair of economics, Boston University; researched income distribution, employment, and poverty in developing countries; expert on the economies of Pakistan and Indonesia; president, Boston Institute for Development Economics; veteran; author and lecturer; enjoyed international travel, skiing, whitewater kayaking, and hiking; active in civic and professional affairs.

’48 BS HE—Millicent B. Lawrence of Greenwich, NY, August 27, 2022; homemaker; operated Doc’s Ski Haus in Warrensburg, NY; worked in NYC for B. Altman & Co. and Celanese Corp.; member on several educational and corporate boards; environmentalist and preservationist; enjoyed organic gardening, raising bees, and exploring national parks in the family motorhome; active in civic, community, and alumni affairs.

’48 BA—JoAnne Norton Mayer of Marblehead, MA, September 12, 2022; homemaker; championship sailor; administrator on several town committees, task forces, and initiatives; active in civic, historical, and alumni affairs. Kappa Delta.

’48, BA ’47, MBA ’49—Michael D. Stashower of Westport, CT, September 21, 2022; corporate finance professional; veteran; volunteer, International Executive Service Corps; clarinetist, Westport Community Band; enjoyed sailing and tennis; active in civic, community, and religious affairs.

’49—John W. Hornbecker of Denver, CO, August 31, 2022; mechanical engineer; founder, Fluid Engineering; also worked for Denver Fire Clay Co.; veteran; championship tennis player; active in religious affairs. Lambda Chi Alpha.

’49 BEE—Theodore H. Yaffe of Rockville, MD, January 28, 2019; active in alumni affairs. Tau Beta Pi.

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’50 BS HE—Patricia M. Coolican of Corvallis, WA, September 3, 2022; award-winning home economist; associate dean for extension, Oregon State University College of Home Economics; home economics division leader, West Virginia Extension Service; first cooperative extension television specialist, Cornell University College of Home Economics; also worked as a home economics program leader at the Onondaga, Chautauqua, and Oswego County Cooperative Extension offices; co-developer of the “Letters to the Mothers of Young Children” program; avid genealogist; active in community, professional, and alumni affairs. Alpha Xi Delta.

’50 BEE—Charles G. Gorss Jr. of Harvard, MA, August 30, 2022; electrical engineer, GenRad, Concord, MA; veteran; Scout leader; member, Lions Club, Town Personnel Board, and Conservation Commission; enjoyed international travel, skiing, hiking, and photography; active in religious and alumni affairs.

’51 PhD—John C. Cairns of Toronto, ON, July 28, 2022; professor emeritus of modern French history, University of Toronto; RCAF veteran; author, editor, and scholar.

’51, BEP ’52—Frank D. Drake of Aptos, CA, September 2, 2022; pioneering radio astronomer; senior scientist and board chair, SETI Institute; professor emeritus of astronomy and astrophysics and dean of natural sciences, University of California, Santa Cruz; professor of astronomy, Cornell University; also served as associate director of Cornell’s Center for Radiophysics and Space Research, director of the Arecibo Observatory, and director of the National Astronomy and Ionospheric Center; head of telescope operations, National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Green Bank, WV; devised the “Drake Equation” to estimate the number of communicative extraterrestrial civilizations that might be detectable in our galaxy; also contributed to the discovery of the radiation belts of Jupiter, the early understanding of pulsars, and the transmission of interstellar messages; veteran; prize-winning advocate for public outreach and education in astronomy; active in professional and alumni affairs. Tau Beta Pi.

’52–54 GR—Richard M. Bender of Bethesda, MD, August 26, 2018; division chief, Foreign Broadcast Information Service.

’52 BME—Irwin S. Broida of Wayne, NJ, formerly of Ridgewood, NJ, September 25, 2022; worked for Trane Co. and Ingersoll Rand; veteran; adult ESL tutor, Literacy Volunteers of America; enjoyed travel to all seven continents; active in professional and alumni affairs. Tau Epsilon Phi. Wife, Arline Braverman Broida ’52.

’52–54 SP Ag—Mildred Hauser Koschara of Sloansville, NY, August 14, 2022; veterinary assistant, Pine Plains (NY) Veterinary Hospital; raised and trained Irish wolfhounds and terriers; licensed judge for ACA dog shows; dog rescuer and lover of animals. Kappa Delta.

’52 JD—William B. MacKenzie of Weslaco, TX, formerly of Canajoharie, NY, June 23, 2022; partner, Brower and MacKenzie; village and Montgomery County (NY) attorney; also served as attorney for numerous local businesses and municipal corporations; veteran; Scout leader and Red Cross volunteer; enjoyed motor home travel, skiing, camping, golf, and bridge; active in charitable, cultural, community, professional, and religious affairs.

’52 BA—Patricia Lovejoy Stoddard of New Canaan, CT, September 10, 2022; speechwriter, communications manager, and assistant to the chairman, Champion International Corp. (now International Paper); academic dean and middle school teacher of English, history, and anthropology, New Canaan Country School; editorial researcher, Time Inc.; enjoyed international travel, painting, sculpting, gardening, reading, writing, and the great outdoors; active in civic, community, and alumni affairs.

’53, B Chem E ’54—Richard M. Eccles of East Orleans, MA, July 9, 2022; chemical engineering consultant and expert in processing heavy fuels; owner, Princeton Process Engineers; also worked at Exxon and Hydrocarbon Research Inc.; active in alumni affairs. Tau Beta Pi.

’53 LLB—Leo J. Fallon of Williamsville, NY, September 17, 2022; judge, State Appellate Court and State Supreme Court; village justice and town supervisor, Hamburg, NY; partner and of counsel, Offermann, Cassano, Greco & Slisz; assistant U.S. attorney; veteran; Rotarian; enjoyed acting in the theater; active in civic, community, and professional affairs.

’53 JD—Barry McMahon of Ringwood, NJ, December 21, 2007; priest and friar, Capuchin Franciscan Friars of the Province of Saint Mary; studied law, philosophy, and theology; business manager, provincial auditor, and member of the provincial staff for legal and fiscal matters; associate pastor, St. John the Baptist Church, NYC; veteran.

’53 BA—Jack Peretz of Beachwood, OH, September 19, 2022; ophthalmologist and eye surgeon, Cataract Eye Center; also took classes in electrical engineering, computer coding, and accounting; championship tennis player; enjoyed bridge, keeping up with current events, playing the stock market, and reading Civil War history; active in alumni affairs.

’54 BArch—Roland E. Coate Jr. of Santa Monica, CA, formerly of Venice, CA, September 13, 2022; painter; architect of forward-thinking, sustainable designs; taught at the Southern California Institute of Architecture; veteran; enjoyed tennis, walking on the oceanfront, jazz, playing the harmonica, French literature, and studying psychology and mysticism. Kappa Sigma.

’54 BA—Stanley B. Garrell of New York City, formerly of Fairfield, CT, April 6, 2022; attorney; veteran; community volunteer; active in civic, humanitarian, professional, religious, and alumni affairs. Watermargin.

’54 BS Hotel—Constance Devine James of Canton, TX, April 3, 2021; active in alumni affairs. Pi Beta Phi.

’55, BME ’56—Peter G. Bailey of Hamilton, OH, September 7, 2022; metallurgical engineer, General Electric Aviation, specializing in advanced shot peening; also taught advanced metallurgy classes; car enthusiast and restorer, autocross racer, and member of the Sports Car Club of America. Theta Chi.

’55—Peter C. Behrendt of Two Rivers, WI, December 8, 2016; veteran; enjoyed antique car shows, sports, and RVing. Kappa Delta Rho.

’55 BA—Gordon G. Globus of Laguna Beach, CA, September 3, 2022; psychiatrist in private practice; professor of psychiatry and philosophy, University of California, Irvine; award-winning dream expert and head of a sleep laboratory in the late 1960s at UCI; author; active in professional affairs. Watermargin.

’55 BS Ag—William Hogan of Bellingham, WA, March 18, 2021; active in alumni affairs. Alpha Zeta.

’55 BEP, MS ’58—Howard S. London of Ithaca, NY, formerly of New Providence, NJ, September 23, 2022; aerospace engineer, website designer, and tax counselor; worked at Bell Labs in New Jersey; also worked at Bellcom for the Office of Manned Space Flight at NASA on feasibility studies for manned missions to Mars and for a reusable launch vehicle (the Space Shuttle); conservationist; avid reader; enjoyed travel, hiking, cross-country skiing, vegetable gardening, live music, and Finger Lakes wineries; active in community, environmental, and humanitarian affairs. Zeta Beta Tau. Wife, Harriet Johnson London, LLB ’67.

’55 BS Ag, MS ’59—William J. Schmidt Jr. of Bartlesville, OK, September 13, 2022; VP of inland marine operations, Bunge Corp., a multinational grain exporter; manager of inland marine operations, Central Soya Co.; veteran; Scout leader; avid golfer; enjoyed international travel, fishing, backpacking, gardening, making soups, the St. Louis Cardinals, and live theater, music, and ballet; active in community, environmental, humanitarian, religious, and alumni affairs. Tau Kappa Epsilon.

’55 MS—Joan Foreman Spangler of Melbourne, FL, February 26, 2022.

’56 BS Ag—Janice Tiger Van Etten of Altamont, NY, August 31, 2022; helped run the family farm in Knox, NY, selling eggs, beef, and vegetables, cutting Christmas trees, and making wreaths; substitute teacher, Berne-Knox-Westerlo school system; also worked at the NYS Research and Testing Laboratories; 4-H leader and member, Kiwanis; raised champion Flemish rabbits; community volunteer; enjoyed choral singing; active in religious and alumni affairs.

’57 BS Ag—Bruce M. Babcock of Naples, FL, and Sapphire, NC, August 23, 2021; realtor, John R. Wood Properties, Naples; president and CEO, Babcock Poultry Farm, Ithaca, NY; also started his own hatchery in Lititz, PA; championship golfer and avid sports fan; active in alumni affairs.

’57 BS HE—Carolyn Fillius Ginnings of Columbus, IN, formerly of McLean, VA, September 8, 2022; homemaker; secretarial professional; avid tennis player; enjoyed boating and entertaining; active in community, educational, and alumni affairs. Kappa Delta.

’57 BS Ag—Schuyler V. Holloway of Amsterdam, NY, September 1, 2022; co-owner, Holloway Brothers Farm, the family crop and livestock farm; councilman, Town of Florida; avid reader; enjoyed travel and watching football. Lambda Chi Alpha.

’57 BA, LLB ’60—Eleanor Meaker Kraft of San Luis Obispo, CA, August 3, 2022; attorney in general practice; active in alumni affairs.

’57—Kenneth J. Kuntz of Dayton, OH, August 31, 2022; associate professor of psychology, University of Dayton; also served as a teaching consultant and director of faculty development; executive committee member, Eastway Mental Health Association and Dayton Area Psychological Association; advocate for historic preservation; active in charitable and cultural affairs.

’57 BS HE—Ruth Brickman Kushner of Pembroke Pines, FL, September 15, 2022; active in alumni affairs. Sigma Delta Tau.

’57 JD—Pano Z. Patsalos of Newburgh, NY, September 17, 2022; Orange County Court judge; town justice, Newburgh, NY; prosecutor, Orange County District Attorney’s Office; assistant corporation counsel, City of Newburgh; attorney in private practice in the civil and criminal arenas; veteran; active in professional, religious, and alumni affairs.

’57 PhD—Charles A. Triplehorn of Columbus, OH, August 25, 2022; general naturalist, professor, and curator of insects, Department of Entomology, Ohio State University; also held the position of economic entomologist on the Ohio State team of USAID in Sao Paulo, Brazil; supervisor of field crop research, Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center in Wooster; first naturalist, Columbus Metropolitan Parks and first curator of reptiles, Columbus Zoo; author of numerous scientific papers and three textbook editions; Scout leader; active in professional affairs.

’57 MEd—Nancy Schoonmaker Zwerling of Park Ridge, NJ, September 10, 2022; English teacher, Cavallini Middle School, Upper Saddle River, NJ; award-winning watercolorist; enjoyed international painting trips.

’58 BA—Peter B. Bloom of Media, PA, September 10, 2022; award-winning clinical professor of psychiatry, University of Pennsylvania; psychiatrist, Institute of the Pennsylvania Hospital and in private practice in Bryn Mawr; veteran, U.S. Navy Medical Corps, where he organized the Sandia (NM) Base hospital outpatient clinic that served 10,000 patients each month; academic writer and member of the editorial board of several clinical journals; enjoyed international travel, music, camping, canoeing, sailing, and golf; active in community, professional, religious, and alumni affairs. Sigma Phi.

’58—Stephen F. Briggs of Aiken, SC, September 9, 2022; co-founder and VP, America’s Trade & Supply, an international trading company in Miami, FL; co-owner and partner, Old Naples Pub and the Village Pub; worked in the family business, Outboard Marine Corp., makers of Evinrude and Johnson motors; enjoyed international and RV travel, mountain climbing, raising dogs and horses, and visiting hospitals, nursing homes, and special needs classes with his therapy dog. Kappa Alpha.

’58 MS, PhD ’62—David W. Evans of Bloomington, IN, formerly of Prosser, WA, August 12, 2022; professor of agronomy, Irrigated Agriculture Research and Extension Center, Washington State University; expert on forage crops; master gardener who donated tons of fresh produce to the Prosser Food Bank; enjoyed hiking, running, building rock walls, and tropical fish; active in community affairs.

’58 BS Ag—Evelyn Huntley Fassett of East Springfield, NY, August 29, 2022; active in alumni affairs.

’58–59 SP Ag—Robert A. Kester of Mayville, NY, September 5, 2022; CEO, Farm Credit of Western New York, Batavia; veteran; member, Moose International; enjoyed international travel, golf, snowmobiling, and boating; active in civic, religious, and alumni affairs.

’58, BEE ’59—John Male of Lunenburg, MA, September 16, 2022; owner/operator, Service Electrical and Industrial Supply, Fitchburg; also worked at the James River Paper and Oxford companies; veteran; advocate for the environmental preservation of the local Hickory Hills Lake; enjoyed international travel, jigsaw puzzles, and reading novels; active in civic and religious affairs. Delta Chi. Wife, Judith Eyles Male ’60.

’58 PhD—Sydney S. Shoemaker of Ithaca, NY, September 3, 2022; professor emeritus of philosophy, Cornell University; also taught at the Ohio State University and Rockefeller University; avid reader; enjoyed travel and classical music. Wife, Molly McDonald Shoemaker ’63.

’59, BArch ’62—Richard J. Boerner of Harvard, MA, September 2, 2022; architect; owner of his own design-build business in Northern New Jersey; also worked in New York City; veteran; avid runner and sailor; enjoyed walks in the woods, bicycling, birdwatching, reading, reciting poetry, and making Christmas ornaments; active in alumni affairs. Sigma Pi.

’59, BME ’60—Fred H. Brustman of Newton, MA, September 9, 2022; patent attorney, Polaroid Corp.; enjoyed sailing, jewelry making, silversmithing, and collecting objets d’art; active in political and alumni affairs.

’59–60 GR—Garry D. Harned of Ithaca, NY, August 19, 2022; biology teacher and lab manager; advocate for social justice and equity; self-taught musician, master gardener, and nature lover; enjoyed weaving and other handcrafting.

’59 BS Ag, MS ’60—Paul Marcus of Greenwich, CT, September 5, 2022; director, Paul Charles Ltd., an international food brokerage firm; active in alumni affairs. Alpha Epsilon Pi.

’59 MA—Robert J. Stephens of Menlo Park, CA, September 13, 2022; cell biologist and small business entrepreneur; researcher, SRI International; expert on emphysema as related to air pollution; prolific academic writer; founder and president, Darwin Day Celebration; enjoyed summers in Oxford, England, and singing in theater productions; active in civic, community, and alumni affairs.

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’60 MEd, PhD ’62—Rudolph D. Artis of Greensboro, NC, September 6, 2022; university registrar and professor of sociology, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University; agricultural agent, Hertford County; also worked as a vocational education teacher and 4-H advisor; veteran; enjoyed fishing, gardening, landscaping, and choral singing; active in religious affairs.

’60–63 SP Ag—David G. Degenfelder of Cattaraugus, NY, formerly of Collins, NY, September 7, 2022; worked in utility construction at Burwin Inc., Nichter Utility, and Summit Construction; veteran. Alpha Chi Rho.

’60 DVM—Merrill K. Johnson of Ghent, NY, September 18, 2022; small animal veterinarian; owner, Animal Care Clinic, Hudson, NY; dairy farmer; enjoyed tennis, skiing, and outdoor adventure trips; active in religious affairs.

’60—Ronald E. Kettle of Naples, FL, September 19, 2022; worked in the convention industry in Las Vegas; also worked at New York Telephone Co.; co-founder, Jackpot Kennels, Batavia, NY, a boarding and grooming business; veteran; member and officer, Golden Retriever Club of Western New York and judge at dog shows; enjoyed hunting, fishing, bowling, golf, and softball; active in charitable affairs.

’60 BS Hotel—Lawrence B. Russell of Alpharetta, GA, September 10, 2022; hotel management and hospitality professional, Big Canoe, Pine Isle Resort, and Sheraton Colony Square in Atlanta; regional director of advertising and PR, Dallas Marriott corporate office in Washington, DC, and sales director, downtown Atlanta Marriott; also worked at San Juan Intercontinental Hotel and the Inn at Ponte Vedra; veteran; Rotarian; enjoyed golf and gardening; active in professional affairs.

’60 BA—David B. Simpson of Tenafly, NJ, September 5, 2022; commercial and residential real estate attorney in New York and New Jersey; veteran; prolific author of law review articles; avid numismatist, collecting world crowns, coins depicting mythological subjects, medallic art, and modern art medals; fellow and councilmember, American Numismatic Society and president, New York Numismatic Club; enjoyed reading, fine dining, and good conversation; active in alumni affairs.

’61–62 GR—Anne Françoise Michot Arbuckle of Rockwood, ON, formerly of Sudbury, ON, February 2, 2017; professor and chair of the translation department, Laurentian University; supported arts and classical music organizations; avid knitter; enjoyed the local symphony and choral singing; active in community and religious affairs.

’61 BS HE, MEd ’63—Tamara Greenberg Goell of Foster City, CA, August 2020.

’61 PhD—Miles V. Klein of Oak Park, IL, formerly of Champaign, IL, September 15, 2022; award-winning researcher and professor of physics, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign; founder and director, Science and Technology Center for Superconductivity; textbook author; enjoyed international travel, reading, opera, and other musical performances; active in professional and religious affairs.

’61 BS Hotel—Craig A. Moore of Meridian, ID, September 2, 2022; restaurateur; manager, Kahiki Restaurant, Columbus, OH; enjoyed music and looking after his Idaho ranch; active in alumni affairs. Phi Gamma Delta.

’61, BArch ’62—Joseph W. Santamaria of Houston, TX, June 27, 2022; architect/designer of commercial buildings and hospitals; worked at WHR Architects Inc. and other Houston architectural firms; veteran; enjoyed museums and the theater; active in civic, community, religious, and alumni affairs. Alpha Sigma Phi.

’61, BCE ’62—Richard H. Tatlow IV of Carefree, AZ, September 17, 2022; wealth management advisor, A.G. Edwards; also worked at Abbott, Merkt & Co. in NYC; veteran; community volunteer; enjoyed international travel, reading history, theater and symphony performances, dancing, paddle tennis, and golf; active in alumni affairs. Phi Gamma Delta.

’62, BEE ’63—Allen M. Male of Willow Grove, PA, September 16, 2022; active in alumni affairs. Acacia.

’62 PhD—Benjamin B. Snavely of Alexandria, VA, formerly of Rochester, NY, September 5, 2022; worked in solid-state electronic devices, lasers, and optical systems for ground and space-based applications; corporate secretary, American Institute of Physics, College Park, MD; program director, National Science Foundation and NSF representative to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy; worked at Eastman Kodak Co., where he invented the first tunable, continuous-wave dye laser; also worked in laser isotope separation at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories; enjoyed sailing, boating, and building and flying model airplanes. Wife, Sabine Von Dem Knesebeck Snavely, MS ’61.

’62 MD—William T. Stubenbord of Essex, CT, September 18, 2022; transplant surgeon who did pioneering clinical research on organ preservation; award-winning professor, department chair, and chief of the Division of Transplantation, Department of Surgery, Weill Cornell Medicine; surgical director, Rogosin Institute Transplantation Center; veteran; avid sailor; active in community, religious, and alumni affairs. Wife, Jane MacDougall Stubenbord ’62.

’62 DVM—A. David Young of Hermitage, PA, September 3, 2022; small animal veterinarian, Young Veterinary Hospital, veteran.

’63 MEd—Margaret A. Ferranti of Binghamton, NY, January 13, 2021; clinical social worker; English teacher, Chenango Valley High School; enjoyed hiking, birdwatching, and the beauty of nature; active in community and professional affairs.

’63, BA ’64—Philip A. Hall of San Antonio, TX, September 4, 2022; professor, Worden School of Social Service, Our Lady of the Lake University; also worked at the Patrician Movement; veteran and social worker, Medical Service Corps; active in community and religious affairs.

’63 BA—Wendy Oldfield Kahn of Palo Alto, CA, September 14, 2022; art teacher, Spectra Art, Palo Alto Unified School District; ESL teacher, Language Pacifica; fifth-grade teacher, Bedminister, NJ; radio disk jockey/commentator and ESL teacher in Tokyo, Japan; advocate for intercultural communication and mental health education; enjoyed international travel and cultures, hiking, camping, and reading; active in community, environmental, and alumni affairs.

’63—Stephen S. Kreinik of Hartford, CT, February 24, 2018; equipment designer for television production; president, Nova Systems Inc., manufacturers of video processing equipment; life fellow, Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers; computer tutor, West Hartford Public Library, Faxon Branch; model train enthusiast; active in community, religious, and alumni affairs. Tau Delta Phi.

’63 BS Ag—Judith Fischer Reinach of Key Biscayne, FL, July 28, 2022; bridge teacher and duplicate bridge director, Key Biscayne Community Center; advocate for youth and family services; active in community and alumni affairs.

’63, BEE ’64, MS ’65, PhD ’71—Mark G. Scattergood of Portland, OR, July 29, 2021. Beta Pi.

’63, BA ’64—Brian C. Studwell of Los Angeles, CA, August 11, 2022; president, Lawn Bowls USA. Theta Delta Chi.

’63 PhD—Natalie “Pat” Engel Torrey of Saint Paul, MN, August 17, 2022; psychotherapist who worked with chemically dependent teens; teacher of child psychology, College of Saint Catherine; avid reader; enjoyed knitting, crocheting, needlepoint, and collecting elephant statues and figurines.

’63 LLB—Bruce W. Wilkinson of Tampa, FL, June 16, 2021; attorney; general counsel, CommX Inc.

’64, BEP ’65—James A. Brockmeier of Acton, MA, September 13, 2022; sales professional, Hewlett Packard Co./Agilent in California, Colorado, New Jersey, and Massachusetts; enjoyed tennis, bicycling, swimming, kayaking, and board games; active in community affairs. Alpha Tau Omega.

’64 BA, MA ’67, PhD ’70—Lois Heikkila Gosse of Ithaca, NY, July 19, 2022; award-winning senior lecturer and mentor, College of Human Ecology, Cornell University; Scout leader, 4-H group organizer, and swimming instructor; enjoyed cross-country adventure travel, hiking and rafting in the national parks, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing, gardening, and baking; active in community and religious affairs. Pi Beta Phi. Husband, Robert D. Gosse ’57, BME ’58.

’64–65 GR—Russell A. Harding of Darien, CT, September 8, 2022; entrepreneur, astronomer, and teacher trainer; astronomy teacher, Norwalk (CT) Public Schools, Middleburg Heights (OH) High School, and McDonnell Planetarium, St. Louis, MO; founder, Gengras Planetarium, West Hartford, CT; adjunct professor at several colleges and universities; community volunteer, philanthropist, and patron of the arts; member of several educational and scientific organizations; avid skier; enjoyed international travel and domestic and foreign real estate investing.

’64 BS Ag—Jerry J. Kostandoff of St. Catharines, ON, September 4, 2022; oral and maxillofacial surgeon in private practice; enjoyed golf and Florida’s Anna Maria Island; active in alumni affairs. Beta Theta Pi.

’64, BME ’65—Gary Miller of Vestal, NY, September 3, 2022; technology analyst, Integrated Electronics Engineering Center, Binghamton University; chief mechanical engineer, General Electric/Lockheed Martin; held four patents for his work on aircraft; assistant editor, ASME journal; gourmet chef; enjoyed international travel, golf, and watching spectator sports; active in alumni affairs.

’64, BEE ’65, MS ’66, PhD ’68—Max L. Mintz of Philadelphia, PA, April 18, 2022; award-winning professor emeritus, Department of Computer and Information Science, University of Pennsylvania; also taught in the Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering; associate chair, Penn University Scholars Program; author of a textbook and more than 100 research papers. Wife, Catherine Lewis Mintz ’68.

’64 BEP—Blair D. Savage of Madison, WI, July 19, 2022; space sciences researcher and professor of astronomy, University of Wisconsin, Madison; specialized in UV astronomy, studying the interstellar medium known as “star dust”; author or co-author of more than 560 articles and research papers; avid golfer; enjoyed international travel, canoeing, hiking, flying kites, and summers on Owasco Lake; active in alumni affairs. Pi Kappa Phi.

’65 DVM—Stephen I. Bistner of Osseo, MN, August 18, 2022; consultant in comparative ophthalmic toxicology; professor of ophthalmology and internal medicine, University of Minnesota School of Veterinary Medicine; professor, Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine; founding member and diplomate, American College of Veterinary Ophthalmology; author; enjoyed international travel, cooking, golf, tennis, and watching the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show; active in religious affairs. Alpha Psi.

’65 MD—Peter F. Bourlier of Dinwiddie, VA, September 24, 2022; internal medicine and pulmonary disease physician; worked at numerous Veterans Administration medical centers.

’65 MS—Jean Balfour Green of Raleigh, NC, August 15, 2022; youth counselor; home economics teacher; also held administrative positions in the Whitewater, WI, school district; enjoyed international travel, fabrics and weaving, and collecting art and crafts; active in community and alumni affairs.

’66 DVM—Wayne J. Fowles of Montgomery, MA, September 13, 2022; large and small animal veterinarian; founder, Westfield Animal Clinic; family dairy and crop farmer; collector and restorer of antique tractors; also bought, sold, and collected classic cars; enjoyed deer hunting, fishing, and exploring his land on ATVs. Wife, Louise Crane Fowles ’59.

’66 JD—Gary C. Rawlinson of Pagosa Springs, CO, formerly of Norman, OK, August 14, 2022; real estate attorney and of counsel, Crowe & Dunlevy; adjunct professor of law, University of Oklahoma College of Law; veteran; enjoyed international travel, fly fishing, coaching youth sports, and following Oklahoma football; active in professional affairs.

’66 PhD—David H. Sanford of Durham, NC, and Truro, MA, September 1, 2022; professor emeritus of philosophy, Duke University, in the areas of perception and metaphysics; also taught at Dartmouth College; author; classical and jazz music lover and skilled artist; enjoyed international travel, concerts, art and memoir writing classes, scuba diving, and trail running; active in civic and humanitarian affairs.

’66 MRP—Roger D. Sherwood of Los Angeles, CA, September 3, 2022; professor emeritus, School of Architecture, University of Southern California; also served as director of the Graduate Architecture Program and coordinator of various studio programs; champion of overseas travel programs for architecture students; assistant professor of city planning, Cornell University; veteran; author of several books on international multifamily housing.

’67 BS Ag—Richard P. Clarisse of Wolcott, NY, September 6, 2022; automotive professional; veteran; enjoyed travel, fishing, four-wheeling, Dominoes, and tinkering on garage projects; active in religious affairs.

’67 BA—Ruth Chitlik Coan of Atlanta, GA, October 3, 2017; real estate developer, the Shopping Center Group Inc.; lobbyist for a women’s rights organization in Illinois and advocate for Jewish women’s organizations; founding member, Commercial Real Estate Women of Atlanta; active in professional, religious, and alumni affairs. Husband, Mark G. Coan ’65.

’67 PhD—Richard J. Himics of Florham Park, NJ, September 9, 2022; president/CEO, Daniel Products Co.; manager, R&D, Polymer Industries; member of the technical staff, David Sarnoff Research Center, RCA Corp., where he obtained 12 patents in technologies including videodisc and electron beam fabrication; senior chemist, Sun Chemical Corp. and Rohm and Haas Co.; active in alumni affairs.

’67—Robert M. Hochman of Springfield, VA, September 12, 2022; staff podiatrist and surgeon, George Washington University Hospital and Kaiser Permanente; podiatrist in private practice; portfolio analyst on Wall Street; veteran; dog rescue volunteer, Humane Society of Fairfax County; enjoyed travel, going to the beach, keeping up with the news and stock market, and playing accordion and banjo.

’67 BA, MD ’71—Michael P. Weinstein of Fairfield, CT, formerly of Nashua, NH, September 23, 2022; pediatrician; landscape photographer, writer, and lover of classical music; active in alumni affairs. Alpha Epsilon Pi.

’68 MD—Robert F. Bedford of Charlottesville, VA, and St. Petersburg, FL, September 2, 2022; pioneer in the field of anesthesiology for neurosurgery; clinical professor of anesthesiology, University of Virginia School of Medicine; chair of anesthesiology and critical care medicine, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center; director of the Division of Anesthesia, Food and Drug Administration; also taught at the University of South Florida and was chief of anesthesia at James A. Haley Veterans Administration Hospital, Tampa, FL; veteran; author of more than 200 scientific papers, abstracts, and book chapters; avid golfer and sailor; enjoyed travel, art and architecture, music, reading, skiing, choral singing, and book clubs; active in community, professional, and religious affairs.

’68, BS HE ’74—Richard F. Fehn of Bellport, NY, September 12, 2022; ocean lifeguard at Jones Beach, Oak Beach, and Gilgo Beach; veteran; avid sailor and natural athlete; enjoyed travel, fishing and clamming, cooking, gardening, and collecting art. Phi Delta Theta.

’68 BS Hotel—Jeffrey F. Kriendler of Miami Beach, FL, September 3, 2022; aviation public relations consultant and author; chief of staff and VP for corporate communications, Pan Am; board member, Pan Am Historical Foundation; active in alumni affairs. Psi Upsilon.

’68 BA—David H. Siehl of Goose Creek, SC, August 29, 2022; staff attorney, Federal Communications Commission; also worked at the U.S. Railway Association; veteran; accomplished pianist and avid baseball fan. Tau Kappa Epsilon.

’69 BS Ag—Robert J. Foster of Ephrata, PA, September 17, 2022; product support administrator, New Holland North America; veteran; 4-H instructor of woodworking, electricity, and model rocketry; enjoyed travel to all 50 states; active in community, religious, and alumni affairs. Alpha Gamma Rho. Wife, Barbara Allmandinger Foster ’69.

’69 PhD—J. Owen D. Slocombe of Guelph, ON, September 19, 2022; professor emeritus, Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph; expert in heartworm pathology and medicine; also contributed to the design and professionalization of new or emerging veterinary colleges; enjoyed dancing, barbershop singing, and gardening; active in professional affairs.

’69 BS ILR—Michael D. Young of Merrick, NY, September 25, 2022; VP and general counsel, Phibro LLC; benefactor and volunteer for several nonprofit organizations; enjoyed travel and skiing; active in alumni affairs. Tau Epsilon Phi.

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’70 BS HE—Susan Lass Krasnow of Charlotte, VT, September 13, 2022; special education and disability services counselor at the elementary school, high school, and college levels; enjoyed international travel, concerts, and rescuing old dogs; active in alumni affairs.

’71 BA—Marsha E. Ackermann of Pinckney, MI, March 16, 2022; lecturer in U.S. history and American culture, Eastern Michigan University and University of Michigan; assistant professor of American thought and language, Michigan State University; also worked in public relations at IBM and on the reporting and editorial staff at the Buffalo Courier-Express; author and spelling bee champion; class correspondent; active in alumni affairs.

’71, BEE ’72, ME ’75—James F. Cunningham of Lincoln, MA, September 2, 2022; owner, advisor, and teacher, JFC Systems Engineering; project manager, Barrett Farm historic home restoration, Save Our Heritage; consulting engineer, Textron Systems; implemented and managed the local cable television channel; also served as town budget manager; enjoyed Canada’s Kent Island; active in community and alumni affairs.

’71 PhD—Sherrill E. Echternkamp of Lincoln, NE, August 11, 2022; research physiologist in cattle reproduction, Hruska Meat Animal Research Center, USDA, Clay Center, NE; member, Lions Club; Scout leader; longtime volunteer EMT; enjoyed car clubs, restoring antique and vintage Fords, and choral singing; active in religious and alumni affairs.

’72 BEE—Daniel W. Gale of Stamford, CT, September 2022; maintenance crew, Landmark Square complex, F.D. Rich Co.; also worked at U.S. Surgical Corp. and Texaco; enjoyed swimming and summers on the North Fork of Long Island. Chi Phi.

’72 BS Ag—Steven A. Seifert of Albuquerque, NM, May 18, 2022; award-winning clinical toxicologist; professor, University of New Mexico and medical director, New Mexico Poison and Drug Information Center; editor-in-chief, Clinical Toxicology; also consulted for the Rocky Mountain, Arizona, and Nebraska poison centers; worked in snake envenomation management; chair and patron of the recurring Venom Week conference; black belt in Tae Kwon Do; enjoyed classic and modern movies and books, writing short stories and poems, bicycling, and playing the tenor saxophone; active in professional and alumni affairs. Beta Sigma Rho.

’72 BS Hotel—Robert G. Shaw of Leawood, KS, September 10, 2022; CEO, MC Flooring Inc.; CFO, Gear for Sports, a small apparel company; also worked for Arthur Andersen; chair, Kansas City Maccabi Games; avid Kansas City sports fan; enjoyed international travel, theater performances, golden retrievers, and Siesta Key, FL; active in community, humanitarian, religious, and alumni affairs. Sigma Chi.

’72 MA—Victoria J. Willis of West Lafayette, IN, August 27, 2022; associate professor emerita, Rueff School of Design, Art, and Performance, Purdue University; expert in medical facility analysis and design, and consultant for medical facility construction projects throughout the Midwest; accomplished artist in various mediums; master gardener and nature center volunteer; enjoyed international travel.

’73 PhD—Evelyn H. Zepp of Racine, WI, August 24, 2022; professor of French literature, chair of the language department, and secretary of faculty, University of Wisconsin, Parkside; activist and humanitarian; enjoyed reading and her many dogs; active in civic affairs.

’74, BEE ’75—Robert D. Glenn of Middletown, NY, September 14, 2022; worked at IBM in Austin, TX; also worked as an extra in television and movies; enjoyed sailing and singing in opera choruses and other choirs; active in cultural and alumni affairs. Pi Kappa Alpha.

’74, BEE ’75—Carl M. Jayko of Carver, MA, August 29, 2022; owner, Jayko Engineering and Consulting; industry expert in electric power transmission planning and stability studies; principal engineer, COM/Electric and Consulting Engineers Group Inc.; community volunteer; enjoyed travel, woodworking, and studying local history.

’76 MRP—Pamela J. Larson of Saint Paul, MN, formerly of Tacoma Park, MD, August 28, 2022; executive VP, National Academy of Social Insurance, Washington, DC, supporting safety net programs for families; labor organizer in Western Pennsylvania; Peace Corps volunteer in Panama; active in alumni affairs.

’78 BS Ag—Rodney Kearl of Ithaca, NY, September 5, 2022; landscape architect in the U.S., Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates; lecturer, Cornell University; landscape design manager, Department of Conservation, U.S. Virgin Islands.

’78—Deborah Levy of Worcester, MA, formerly of Boston, MA, September 15, 2022; accomplished viola player; enjoyed music, outings with caregivers, and arts and crafts.

’78 BS Ag—Barbara George Lewis of Carlisle, MA, September 1, 2022; homemaker; private meteorologist, Westchester County Airport, providing weather and flight routing services to corporations; also worked as a meteorologist in New Orleans, forecasting for offshore oil rigs; volunteer and advocate for gifted educational opportunities; supporter of numerous artistic, environmental, and human rights nonprofits; active in civic and alumni affairs. Delta Gamma.

’78 MBA—Charles F. Plungis Jr. of Plant City, FL, and Great Barrington, MA, September 3, 2022; bank director, Pittsfield Cooperative Bank; CFO, Berkshire Bank; treasurer, Great Barrington Savings Bank; member on several financial and humanitarian boards; chair, Great Barrington Wage and Compensation Board, negotiating contracts between the town and various unions in the early 1990s; championship Babe Ruth Baseball League coach; enjoyed golf and horseracing; active in community and religious affairs.

’78 BS Hotel—William J. Urell of West Palm Beach, FL, September 18, 2022; entrepreneur who created several Internet businesses; addiction counselor; also worked in numerous restaurants and dinner theaters; enjoyed the Florida beaches. Beta Theta Pi.

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’81–82 GR—Robert D. Yavits of Ithaca, NY, September 6, 2022; instructional software specialist, Tompkins Cortland Community College, supporting both the faculty and student body; enjoyed music, music festivals, and studying psychology, science, and meditation; active in community and religious affairs.

’83 B Chem E—William N. Herr Jr. of Okemos, MI, formerly of Erie, PA, August 29, 2022; worked as an actuary for companies in Hartford, CT, Huntley, IL, Bellingham, MA, Erie, PA, and Lansing, MI; math teacher, St. John’s Jesuit; also served as assistant football, wrestling, and track coach; enjoyed classic rock and sports; active in professional affairs. Pi Kappa Phi.

’83 BEE—James J. Hines of Norwood, MA, September 5, 2022; principal engineer, Raytheon Corp.; avid reader and collector of books on European and American history and art; enjoyed hockey and football; active in religious and alumni affairs.

’89 BS ILR—Deborah A. Draznin of San Jose, CA, August 3, 2021; human resources professional; active in alumni affairs. Husband, Loren H. McRoss ’90.

’89 BS Ag—Anthony F. Korosi of Hastings on Hudson, NY, September 19, 2022; nephrologist and medical director, Westmed Medical Group, Purchase, NY; avid reader of the news; enjoyed international travel, music, skiing, vegetable gardening, cooking, following Boston professional sports, and studying world history and geography; active in community and professional affairs.

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’90 BS Ag—Donna L. Dustin of Detroit Lakes, MN, September 1, 2022; fisheries research biologist, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, with research focused on aquatic habitat management; also banded and studied the American woodcock, a woodland shorebird; enjoyed training hunting dogs, reading, kayaking, cross-country skiing, hockey, beekeeping, and various fiber arts; active in environmental, wildlife, and community affairs.

’91 BME—Christopher P. Caswell of Houston, TX, September 23, 2022; VP of technology, Kiewit Engineering; director, liquefied natural gas (LNG) technology, M.W. Kellogg; leader in the LNG business, author of numerous papers, and presenter and program committee member at major LNG conferences and industry panels; avid golfer; active in alumni affairs. Sigma Phi Epsilon.

’95 BS HE—John M. Papalia of New York City, May 21, 2022; materials science and engineering professional; research staff member, Advanced Plasma Processing Group of the Microelectronics Research Laboratory, IBM; active in alumni affairs. Tau Kappa Epsilon.

’97 MPS—Timothy J. Durnford of Henderson, NV, formerly of Ithaca, NY, August 14, 2022; associate dean of finance and administration, University of Nevada, Las Vegas Harrah College of Hospitality; associate dean of infrastructure and technology, S.C. Johnson College of Business, Cornell University; associate dean of business affairs, Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration; enjoyed bicycling, choral singing, and growing roses; active in religious and alumni affairs.

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’03 MBA—Brian C. Shearer of Richmond, VA, September 15, 2022; senior management professional, KPMG; avid NASCAR fan and collector of race car memorabilia; enjoyed running, following Philadelphia professional sports, and studying history; active in alumni affairs.

’06 BS Ag—Brent E. Borodic of Brentwood, NH, formerly of Bangor, ME, September 3, 2022; anesthesiologist, Exeter Hospital; also worked at Eastern Maine Medical Center, Bangor; avid woodworker; enjoyed travel, boating, fishing, and kayaking.

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’13 MRP—Kemberli M. Sargent of Atlanta, GA, July 14, 2022; manager, Vision Zero Program, Atlanta Department of Transportation; also worked for PEDS and the City of Atlanta; promoted safer transportation options and safety for pedestrians and cyclists; enjoyed international travel, hiking, bicycling, reading, cooking, gardening, and learning sign language; active in professional affairs. Husband, Paul K.H. Leonhardt, MRP ’14.

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Top: Photo by Ryan Young / Cornell University.

Published December 1, 2022