A Novelette by Ron Pies ’74: The Unmoved Mover

I have authored a bit of a literary rarity—a novelette, which is usually defined as a fiction work of about 7,500 to 19,000 words.

My work, The Unmoved Mover tells the story of Judaic studies professor Aaron Shavoor and artist Rachel Gold, following a horrific school tragedy that overturns their world and unites them in bereavement. How does life go on after the worst occurs? How can two people who have experienced unspeakable loss find one another, and again find meaning in life? And who can ever believe in a benign and loving God, after such tragedy? Aaron’s and Rachel’s struggle to reclaim their lives points them to a kind of redemption–and perhaps also to love and self-forgiveness.

I call the work, “A Novelette of Redemption” for what I think are good reasons. I hope my fellow Cornellians will look for it on Amazon!

Ron Pies ’74