The cover of Witches Vanish

Witches Vanish

Claudia Barnett ’88

Published by Carnegie Mellon University Press, this volume is the text of a play by Barnett, a professor at Middle Tennessee State University who creates experimental works on themes of women, history, and science. Witches Vanish evokes the trio of “Weird Sisters” from Shakespeare’s Macbeth, using stylized vignettes that employ puppetry, poetry, and surrealism to explore tales of women who have disappeared, either by choice or against their will. Says a review in the Baltimore Sun: “Inspired by history and legend, Barnett’s stunning script conjures the stories of real women and girls gone missing from all over the world … The voices of lost women and girls everywhere have migrated into the light through Barnett’s beautiful words.” Barnett’s previously published plays include No. 731 Degraw-street, Brooklyn, or Emily Dickinson’s Sister and the collection I Love You Terribly.