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Jeffrey Woodring ’93

I hung up the trading jacket 8/25/2020, retiring to spend more time with family. My wife, Nicole, started a new career: got her PT degree and is working as a therapist. Marra soph at Penn State, Parker starting at Cornell Fall 2023! (yes, he will play football) and Todd soph in high school. Though I have also been getting back to my college interests: VP of Sigma Nu alumni board, secretary of Friends of Cornell Football (the new booster club), and president of the high school football booster. I guess I haven’t grown up yet!? I spend a bunch of time with fish: boating / fishing on the Long Island Sound, stocking trout with the Burlington Fish Hatchery, doing fish surveys, and volunteering with Trout Unlimited. I also joined a men’s hockey team…a new appreciation for the Lynah skaters. I regularly see Greg Dinkin ’93, Marc Bruno ’93, and Tim Barry ’93, and plan to bond with many more for Reunion.

Melissa Carver Sottile ’93

I came back to Cornell for Homecoming with my husband, Greg, & our two sons, Ethan (17) and Jack (15). We had a fantastic time, a great football game, meeting students & alumni, and touring the campus old & new. Brunch at the Statler brought an added surprise—a large display of photos over the years. It was a touching reminder of my late parents’ wedding reception there during the Thanksgiving blizzard of Nov. ’58!

We continue to enjoy living in (& perpetually renovating) our antique home in this tiny rural town in CT’s northern hills. After 11 years teaching at UConn, I started a new chapter as a writer, researcher, & consultant in personal finance & fiscal policy. I love working from our back porch, a lazy Lab at my feet, watching a crocus or two peek through stubborn bits of snow amidst the songs of returning birds. It makes me miss sunny spring days on the Arts Quad with friends (and errant frisbees) and outdoor happy hour at Collegetown Bagels. Cheers!

John Sandford Rueppel ’93

I am happily ensconced in San Francisco with my wife, Aparna Venkatesan ’93, and two teenage sons. I am a partner at the law firm of Johnston, Kinney & Zulaica, LLP, trust and estates firm, where I handle trust and estates litigation. Happy to connect with all Bay Area alums interested in the law or trust and estates.

Jennifer Barber Joyce ’93

I met up with Tri-Delta sisters from the 1990s in Alexandria, VA, in October 2021. It was so great to see Cristina Moeder Shaul ’91, Ariane Schreiber Horn ’91, JD ’96, Christine Bleyle Frank ’93, Melissa Turner Booth ’93, Lara Thornton Tabola ’93, Kimberly Martin-Epstein ’91, Corinne McKamey ’92, Jocelyn Spielman Turkel ’93, Mary Shelley ’96, Kristi Covert Tsiopanas ’94, ME ’95, Amy Lawrence Flueck ’91, Liz Baum Schnelzer ’91, Eileen McPeake ’90, Katherine Stifel ’87, Jill Fields ’88, and Lisa Stuart ’89.

Jay Drezner ’93

We’re moving the family back to Australia after a great four years in Colorado. Our children, Nathan (14) and Alexandra (12), will be going to high school in Sydney. My last job was as a fractional CFO for small, growing companies which I loved and now it’s time to take a breather and spend more time with the family.