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Diane Weisbrot Nagle ’88

Lots of changes! Left California (Redondo Beach) almost two years ago after 26 years, relocating to Clearwater, Florida. Married Tom Nagle (BU ’83) in January (we met at the ice rink I trained at in El Segundo, CA, as he was on layover from his commercial pilot job, skating on a public session and wearing a BU hockey jacket …). Bought a house in May and am totally enjoying sitting on our dock and bird watching. My son David Wing is to graduate USC this December and my daughter Kiana is working on college transfer applications; desperately trying to get her to move out to Florida with us.

Rob Rosenberg ’88

My wife (Pat Cook ’89) and I recently had the pleasure of returning to campus to visit our daughter, Grayson Rosenberg ’23, and to finally celebrate the long-delayed commencement of our son, Reed Rosenberg ’20. The weather was spectacular and the weekend coincided with Homecoming so we were able to catch up with classmates and friends including Howard Greenstein ’88, Pamela Goldberg Greenstein ’88, Charles Reing ’86, and Adrienne McVicker Reing ’87. We also got to see Laura Magid Lapidus ’88 and Darryl Lapidus ’89 whose son David Lapidus ’20 was also back for the Class of 2020 Commencement. Congrats again to the Class of 2020!