Thank you to all the Cornellians who shared their adventures on Instagram. Here are a few highlights that warmed our hearts and brightened up the summer.


You traveled far to make a wish.

Making a wish (with my precious .01€) #mybigredsummer

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You wore your Cornell colors on your sleeve.

You showcased your Big Red beauty and brains.

You ran for what you believe in.

You empowered the underprivileged.

You shared a bright message of unity.

To love America, you have to love all Americans. #happy4th

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You showed how Big Red runs in your family.

Hotelie siblings in Montauk. #montaukonmymind #montauk #newyork #cornell #sha #cornellalummi #mybigredsummer

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You turned a baseball game into a mini-Reunion.


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You sailed off, faraway and yet still anchored to Cayuga’s waters.

⚓️⚓️⚓️⚓️ lil yachties #MyBigRedSummer

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You lifted the chorus all the way up to the summit.

Reach new heights. #mybigredsummer

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You started your workday with a cup of Big Red.

You invited Cornell to the wedding.

So much love. #finnallygettinghitched #mybigredsummer

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You taught future Cornellians.

You made biology fun for summer school.

You welcomed students to the Cornell community.

Great turnout of #cornell first year students at annual NYC send-off. 100+ kids. #cornell2020 #mybigredsummer

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You got nostalgic for your campus days.

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