Fred Van Sickle, chief development officer at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey, will become the next vice president for Cornell’s Division of Alumni Affairs and Development (AAD), starting Jan. 18.

The announcement was posted on the Cornell Chronicle on Dec. 3, and, on the same day, Van Sickle attended a special meeting with AAD staff, where he introduced himself and described his many meaningful connections with Cornell throughout his three-decade career in university development.

Through a retelling of a parable of three stonecutters, Van Sickle acknowledged the impact of all staff members and highlighted the importance of fundraising and relationship building: When asked what the stonecutters were doing, the first said he was doing his job. The second said he was trying to be the best in the trade. The third, however, saw that he was building a cathedral.

“We’re building a cathedral,” Van Sickle said.