Thank you for attending Cornell Leadership Week!

Cornell Leadership Week was a combination of our biggest volunteer events rolled into one, including the Cornell Board of Trustees, Trustee-Council Annual Meeting (TCAM), President Council of Cornell Women (PCCW) Symposium, and Cornell Alumni Leadership Conference (CALC) plus more! We also offered the first true hybrid event post-pandemic!


Alumni Awards

Congratulations to award recipients! See the winners!


Life On The Hill (And Beyond)

Ryan Lombardi, Vice President for Student and Campus Life and Marla Love, Robert W. and Elizabeth C. Staley Dean of Students, are joined by students to hear about how the student experience enables Cornellians to do the greatest good – on the Hill and in their communities.

Welcome Volunteers and Alumni Affairs Town Hall

We’re halfway through the implementation of Cornell’s Alumni Engagement Strategic Plan. Join Alumni Affairs AVP Michelle Vaeth ’98 and her leadership team as they highlight AAD’s progress toward meeting our Big Red goals. This session will provide opportunities for alumni and volunteers to explore how they can rally their communities to engage Cornellians around the world. The Town Hall will culminate with a Q&A among alumni and staff.

Global Sustainability: The 2030 Project: A Cornell Climate Initiative

Launching in 2022, The 2030 Project: A Cornell Climate Initiative is a transformative, university-wide initiative centered on accelerating breakthrough climate solutions through cross-disciplinary approaches in discovery, research, innovation and education to do the greatest good for global sustainability. The 2030 Project will marshal the full breadth of Cornell’s transdisciplinary expertise, with an intentional focus on creating uncommon partnerships, both within and outside of Cornell. Join a group of university and academic leaders as we launch this exciting new initiative and see how Cornell is uniquely positioned to meet the greatest challenge facing our global community today.

Social and Economic Equity: Unraveling the Global Pandemic’s Impact on Women

While the world continues to seek ways to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the impact of this global pandemic has fallen on women especially hard. In September 2021 alone, over 300,000 women in the US left the labor force. How will this impact our workforce, our economy, our emotional health and our children? Join our panel of Cornell faculty leaders as they share their work to address these meaningful issues that challenge our world and our society.

Spotlight on: Praxis Center for Venture Development/McGovern Center for Venture Development

What do the leading dog DNA kit, a top ten crypto currency, and the project that won last year’s NFL 1st and Future Superbowl competition, have to do with Cornell? Each is a product built on Cornell-licensed technology and made by a rapidly-growing startup nurtured in one of two world class incubators under the Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation. Join Vice President for Research and Innovation, Emmanuel Giannelis, director of the Praxis Center for Venture Development, Robert Scharf, and director of the McGovern Center for Venture Development in the Life Sciences, Lou Walcer, to learn about Cornell’s unique incubation program and hear from early and late stage startup teams that are ‘doing the greatest good’ with ideas that are changing our world.

Human and Animal Health: Creating a Resilient Food Ecosystem: From Local to Global

In 2050, the world population is estimated to reach 10 billion people. The socio-economic implications are tremendous, not to mention the humanitarian concerns it raises. Cornell University is uniquely positioned to solve the most pressing issues for ensuring resilient food systems, both in local communities in the United States and globally, especially in developing nations. How can we ensure sufficient food supply? How do we create a sustainable food environment? What will mitigate the impact of supply chain issues on food systems in the future? Hear from a group of faculty members who are just a few of the many at the university working now to alleviate complex food issues, and how Cornell is at the forefront of developing solutions that do the greatest good.

Human Creativity: When Design and Technology Meet

Human creativity is limitless and transformative. Join us to explore the integration of design and technology across disciplines with Jenny Sabin, Associate Professor, Arthur L. and Isabel B. Wiesenberger Professor in Architecture; Associate Dean for Design Initiatives, and Wendy Ju, Associate Professor at the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute at Cornell Tech and the Technion.

Cornell University Board of Trustees and Cornell University Council Joint Annual Meeting and State of the University Address

Robert Harrison ’76, Chair, Board of Trustees, John Kuo ’85, Chair, Cornell University Council and Martha E. Pollack, President, Cornell University

Keynote Address: Introducing the Jeb E. Brooks School of Public Policy

The great challenges of our time demand our most committed, creative, and inspired response. The list begins with climate change, racism, inequality, and the fragility of democracy, but doesn’t end there. Cornell has responded with the creation of the Jeb E. Brooks School of Public Policy – designed as an interdisciplinary hub to find solutions to the most pressing issues of our day. Solutions will come from radical collaboration far outside the silo of a single scholarly discipline. The Brooks School brings together the best scholars, researchers, and minds to advance knowledge and prepare the next generation of leaders.

Global Cornell: At Home in the World

Every person, every study, everywhere: From climate change to new urban infrastructures, social media, pandemics and space travel, today’s challenges and opportunities are planetary. As one of the world’s leading academic institutions, Cornell makes a difference by working with partners across the globe, preparing students to be global leaders, and engaging with planetary problems that require cross-border collaboration and perspectives. Join us for lunch with Wendy Wolford, vice provost for international affairs, as she presents a profile of Cornell in the World and a vision for expanding and supporting our research, teaching and engagement in the changing international landscape.

Beyond Resilience: Learn How to Survive Any Disruption & Come Back Better Than Before

This talk is based on Bill Quain’s 27th book “Who Will You Be When The Masks Come Off.” Bill wants you to know that neither the book nor the workshop are about the COVID pandemic. COVID is just the latest Disruption we faced. Bill focuses on what you should have learned during COVID, and how to use that knowledge to create new, positive patterns, so that your post-Disruption life won’t be just a “return to normal.” It will be your next step in achieving your full potential. If you’re ready to learn, grow, change, and prosper, then this workshop is for you! In this interactive session, you will learn how to:
1. Identify all three stages of any Disruption
2. Change gears to transition through all three stages
3. Use an interactive, customizable technique called Six Word Storytelling to develop momentum and help yourself and others
4. Identify 7 critical areas for strategic problem-solving

Cornellians - Six Months In

Cornellians, Cornell’s new digital-first publication for alumni, launched in October of last year. In this session, alumni volunteers and Cornellians staff will share our progress on Cornellians’ goal to deliver a unique editorial voice while connecting alumni to each other. Learn how volunteer leaders and alumni communities can impact alumni engagement by sharing Cornellians content with their networks. Attendees should come prepared to provide input that will help shape the next phase of Cornellians development.

How We Can All Help Cornell Do The Greatest Good

Why does Cornell have campaigns? What are the ingredients of a successful campaign? How can we all be great ambassadors in our roles as volunteers, alumni, and Cornell community members? Join for this fun, informative session and walk away with a sense of how your work helps contribute to our campaign success.

Frank H.T. Rhodes Celebration of Life

Celebration of the extraordinary life and legacy of President Emeritus Frank H. T. Rhodes.