A weekend full of inspiration, stellar speakers and camaraderie with Cornellians from across the globe! Revisit the sessions that empowered you to take action and inspire others!

Access to University Leaders

Enhancing the Residential Experience

Vice President Ryan Lombardi and guests from the Hill address the notion of enhancing the residential experience. Learn about Cornell’s vision for the future of student housing, and how it will create a supportive environment for our students living and learning in Ithaca.

Presenter: Ryan Lombardi, Vice President for Student and Campus Life

Entrepreneurial Students Showcase

Entrepreneurship at Cornell is a diverse, university-wide program that finds and fosters the entrepreneurial spirit in students from every college and every field. Learn how Cornell teaches entrepreneurial leadership and be inspired by students who pitch their ideas to you.

Moderator: Lance Collins, Joseph Silbert Dean of Engineering

Town Hall

Celebrate the important roles played by Cornell volunteers and imagine the future of alumni engagement in 2028 and beyond.

Presenter:  Jim Mazza ’88, Associate Vice President of Alumni Affairs

Featured Speakers

The Art of the Possible: Realizing the Impossible

Transformation at the Philadelphia Zoo has been nothing short of inspirational.

Vik Dewan ’76 provides us with stories and insight on how he has managed change and done more with less at the Zoo.

Presenter: Vik Dewan ’76, President, Philadelphia Zoo

Volunteer Core Competencies: Know, Feel, Do

Leading Others: Collaborate

Leading others requires building and maintaining relationships within the community, negotiating and influencing the members to achieve a common goal, and problem solving as the group moves toward that common goal. Presenters:

Karel Hilversum, Director of Cornell Team & Leadership Center

Marcus Brooks, Cornell Team & Leadership Center Coordinator

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Leading a Community: Imagine

Leading a community requires imagination – the ability to envision and strategize. Leaders participating in this group lead a community which provides a unique and meaningful contribution in support of university priorities.

Presenter: Alan D. Mathios, the Rebecca Q. and James C. Morgan Dean of Cornell University’s College of Human Ecology

Leading by Example: Inspire

Leading by example requires you to inspire those around you. Individual actions are a direct reflection of Cornell values, and the actions of these volunteers reach the grassroots level of alumni.

Presenter: Reginald White ’80, Sr. Management Consultant, Cornell University Organizational Development and Talent Management


CUVolunteer is your tool to learn about more than 3,700 Cornell University volunteer opportunities – across campus and in your own region! Developed following recommendations from the Trustee Task Force on Volunteer Leadership, CUVolunteer is the Cornell volunteer’s one-stop shop!

Presenter: Staci Kirkland, Program Coordinator, Volunteer Data Analysis & Metrics, Office of Volunteer Programs

One-Cornell Learning

CAAAN: Behind the Curtain: Understanding College & University Rankings and Their Impact

Explore the most “popular” college and university rankings. What factors shape them? Can a university improve its ranking?

Presenter: Rana Glasgal, ’87, MEng ’92, Associate Vice Provost for Institutional Research and Decision Support, Northeastern University

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All Gifts Matter

Nearly 80% of all gifts Cornell receives in a given year are $500 or smaller. Together they have huge impact in a number of ways. Please join us for a discussion on what participation in annual giving means for Cornell, its rankings, and the future.


Matt Siegel, Senior Director, Annual Giving Programs

Nicole Cook, Director, Annual Giving Programs, Marketing and Participation

What’s New for Giving Day 2018

Giving Day 2018 is March 20th (1st Day of Spring). Come to this session to learn what’s new for this year and how you can help spread the word to maximize the difference one day can make for Cornell, its students, faculty, and programs!


Our Alumni Affairs and Development staff expert covers the basic email process and get you moving in the right direction.

Presenter: Ron Babuka, Application Systems Analyst, Information Technology

Return to the Classroom

Hospitality Sweet

Explore various trends in the restaurant and hotel industries.


Stephani Robson ’88, MS ’99, PhD ’10, Senior Lecturer, Properties Development and Management, SC Johnson College of Business

Jenny Barnett, Editor & Publisher, Cornell Alumni Magazine and Courtesy Lecturer, Department of Communication

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Communication in Worlds

How do people feel embodied in virtual environments and why do we care? Explore her findings on communication in virtual worlds.

Presenter: Andrea Stevenson Won, Assistant Professor, Department of Communication, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

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