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Emerging Trends in Animal Health

A Cornell Veterinarian’s Perspective

In the ever-expanding universe of the animal health industry, we’re not just barking up the right tree—we’re climbing it! At the next CTBN Forum, we’ll dive into the jungle of market growth, swing from the vines of major industry players, and sniff out the diverse array of products serving a whole ark’s worth of species. We’ll also explore the tail-wagging advancements in pain management and cancer care for our furry friends, the moo-ving progress in livestock genetics, and why sustainability isn’t just a buzzword—it’s a bee-line to the future. And hold onto your leashes, because we’re unleashing the power of the digital revolution to tackle today’s challenges and fetch tomorrow’s opportunities. Get ready to howl with excitement!

Emily Aston is a veterinarian in the animal health industry with a background in business development, venture capital, and academic research. Emily earned her B.A. ‘11 and DVM ‘15 from Cornell University and PhD in poultry virology and immunology from the University of Georgia, and she conducted postdoctoral research at the University of California, Davis. Emily currently serves as Director, Business Development at Zoetis, a leading global animal health company.

Event Program Content:

• Alumni 3-Minute Lightning Introductions

• Keynote Speaker

• Open Networking

Tune in and join the live networking after Emily speaks.

DATE: Wednesday July 17, 2024
TIME: 11:30am PDT | 12:30pm MDT | 1:30pm CDT | 2:30pm EDT

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