Second Decade Programs

Second decade alumni are 10 to 20 years past graduation. Check out all these resources and information available to second decade alumni.

Get involved

Looking to become more involved with Cornell volunteer opportunities? Check out CUVolunteer, the Office of Alumni Affairs’ online portal that will help you find different ways to volunteer, tailored to your location, interests, skills, and time.

Join the Second Decade Google group

Request to join the second decade Google group, where classmates from the years of 1998 to 2007 share best practices, articles, events, and anything that might be of interest to others.

“Leadership Lunch and Learn” webinars

The Pregnancy Project — Pregnancy in the Workplace

November 2018
Featuring: Alex Berke ’06 with moderator Juanita McGonagle ’04 and an introduction by Vanessa Matsis-McCready ’04

Leveraging Big Data and Machine Learning

May 2018
Featuring: Clara Chow MEng ’76 and Andy Monroe ’99 with moderator Andrew Berry ’04

Growing and Building Teams for Success

December 2017
Featuring: Lou Bergholz ’94 and Rob Dicks ’99 with moderator Rachel Krug ’04

  • Leadership Lunch and Learn: Growing and Building Teams for Success (PDF, 588 KB) Download

Engaging Families in STEAM Education

August 2017
Featuring: Allison Milgrom ’93 with moderator Andrew Berry ’04

Networking for Career Success

May 2017
Featuring: Brian Earle ’67, MPS ’71 with moderator Grant Stansbury ’04

Eating Healthy to Be a Better Leader

December 2016
Featuring: Dr. Susan Blum ’82 and Debra Wein ’90 with moderator Beth Walkenbach ’00

  • Meal Planning Tips for Busy People (PDF,  210 KB) Download
  • Layer a Real Food Lunch (PDF, 1 MB)  Download
  • Eat Real Challenge – Whole Grains at Every Meal (PDF, 1 MB)  Download

The Killer Resume

August 2016
Featuring: Lauren Myers ’97 and Matthew West ’98 with moderator Lori Busch ’04

Ignite Your Inner Leader

March 2016
Featuring: Molly Tschang ’85 with moderator Andrew Berry ’04

Wine and Leadership

November 2015
Featuring: Cheryl Stanley ’00 and David Pittard ’04 with moderator Julia Greenman ’03

  • Wine and Leadership Toolkit (PDF, 443 KB)  Download

Knowing Employee Legal Rights

August 2015
Featuring: David Sherwyn ’86, JD ’89 and Jay Wolman ’97 with moderator Meghan Gearhart ’04

  • Knowing Employee Legal Rights Presentation Slides (PDF, 1 MB)  Download

Moving Up in Your Career

April 2015
Featuring: Heather Madland ’99 and Mark Seneker ’91 with moderator Andrew Berry ’04

Integrating Career, Family and Volunteerism 10-20 years out

December 2014
Featuring: Nicole DelToro ’91 and Paul Hayre ’91 with moderator Juanita McGonagle ’04

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