Stand Up And Be Counted

Cornellians Count!


It's clear Cornellians like you celebrated TOGETHER in the Sesquicentennial year, staying close to the university in many ways. Thank you to the more than 7,500 Cornell alumni, parents, and friends who responded to our survey! Here are a few highlights from your survey responses, along with facts and figures we've gathered throughout the year.

You got together.

Survey says 43% of you created your own occasions to revisit the Hill.

“I returned to Ithaca to ride my bicycle through the gorgeous rolling hills and also to go to the wineries.”
See the sights!
“For vacation, Ithaca is one of my favorite places in the world. Totally serious.”
Come visit!

You grew more connected online and on social media.

You tuned in.

You spread the word.

Survey says you showed your colors.

You kept on learning.

You made a Big Red difference.